PSTypeName PSTypeName PSTypeName Class


Represents Type, but can be used where a real type might not be available, in which case the name of the type can be used.

public class PSTypeName
type PSTypeName = class
Public Class PSTypeName


PSTypeName(ITypeName) PSTypeName(ITypeName) PSTypeName(ITypeName)

This constructor creates a type from a ITypeName.

PSTypeName(TypeDefinitionAst) PSTypeName(TypeDefinitionAst) PSTypeName(TypeDefinitionAst)

This constructor is used when the type is defined in PowerShell.

PSTypeName(String) PSTypeName(String) PSTypeName(String)

This constructor is used when the type may not exist, or is not loaded.

PSTypeName(Type) PSTypeName(Type) PSTypeName(Type)

This constructor is used when the type exists and is currently loaded.


Name Name Name

Return the name of the type

Type Type Type

Return the type with metadata, or null if the type is not loaded.

TypeDefinitionAst TypeDefinitionAst TypeDefinitionAst

When a type is defined by PowerShell, the ast for that type.


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a String that represents the current PSTypeName.

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