PSVariableProperty PSVariableProperty PSVariableProperty Class


Serves as a property that is a simple name-value pair.

public class PSVariableProperty : System.Management.Automation.PSNoteProperty
type PSVariableProperty = class
    inherit PSNoteProperty
Public Class PSVariableProperty
Inherits PSNoteProperty


It is permitted to subclass PSNoteProperty but there is no established scenario for doing this, nor has it been tested.


PSVariableProperty(PSVariable) PSVariableProperty(PSVariable) PSVariableProperty(PSVariable)

Initializes a new instance of the PSVariableProperty class. This is a subclass of the NoteProperty that wraps a variable instead of a simple value.


IsGettable IsGettable IsGettable

Gets true since the value of an PSNoteProperty can always be obtained

IsInstance IsInstance IsInstance Inherited from PSMemberInfo
IsSettable IsSettable IsSettable

True if the underlying variable is settable...

MemberType MemberType MemberType

Gets PSMemberTypes.NoteProperty

Name Name Name Inherited from PSMemberInfo
TypeNameOfValue TypeNameOfValue TypeNameOfValue

Gets the type of the value for this member

Value Value Value

Gets or sets the value of this property


Copy() Copy() Copy()

returns a new PSMemberInfo that is a copy of this PSMemberInfo, Note that it returns another reference to the variable, not a reference to a new variable...

SetMemberName(String) SetMemberName(String) SetMemberName(String) Inherited from PSMemberInfo
ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns the string representation of this property

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