RemoteCommandInfo RemoteCommandInfo RemoteCommandInfo RemoteCommandInfo Class


A CommandInfo that has been serialized/deserialized as part of an InvocationInfo during a remote invocation.

public ref class RemoteCommandInfo : System::Management::Automation::CommandInfo
public class RemoteCommandInfo : System.Management.Automation.CommandInfo
type RemoteCommandInfo = class
    inherit CommandInfo
Public Class RemoteCommandInfo
Inherits CommandInfo


CommandType CommandType CommandType CommandType

Gets the type of the command

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
Definition Definition Definition Definition

A string representing the definition of the command.

Module Module Module Module

The module that defines this cmdlet. This will be null for commands that are not defined in the context of a module.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
ModuleName ModuleName ModuleName ModuleName

The module name of this command. It will be empty for commands not imported from either a module or snapin.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the command.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
OutputType OutputType OutputType OutputType


Parameters Parameters Parameters Parameters

Return the parameters for this command.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
ParameterSets ParameterSets ParameterSets ParameterSets

Gets the information about the parameters and parameter sets for this command.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
RemotingCapability RemotingCapability RemotingCapability RemotingCapability

The remoting capabilities of this cmdlet, when exposed in a context with ambient remoting.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
Source Source Source Source

Gets the source of the command (shown by default in Get-Command)

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
Version Version Version Version

Gets the source version (shown by default in Get-Command)

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
Visibility Visibility Visibility Visibility

Indicates if the command is to be allowed to be executed by a request external to the runspace.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)


ResolveParameter(String) ResolveParameter(String) ResolveParameter(String) ResolveParameter(String)

Resolves a full, shortened, or aliased parameter name to the actual cmdlet parameter name, using PowerShell's standard parameter resolution algorithm.

(Inherited from CommandInfo)
ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

for diagnostic purposes

(Inherited from CommandInfo)

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