ProxyAccessType ProxyAccessType ProxyAccessType Enum


IMPORTANT: proxy configuration is supported for HTTPS only; for HTTP, the direct connection to the server is used

public enum ProxyAccessType
type ProxyAccessType = 
Public Enum ProxyAccessType


AutoDetect AutoDetect AutoDetect

Force autodetection of proxy

IEConfig IEConfig IEConfig

use the Internet Explorer proxy configuration for the current user. Internet Explorer proxy settings for the current active network connection. This option requires the user profile to be loaded, so the option can be directly used when called within a process that is running under an interactive user account identity; if the client application is running under a user context different than the interactive user, the client application has to explicitly load the user profile prior to using this option.

None None None

ProxyAccessType is not specified. That means Proxy information (ProxyAccessType, ProxyAuthenticationMechanism and ProxyCredential)is not passed to WSMan at all.

NoProxyServer NoProxyServer NoProxyServer

do not use a proxy server - resolves all host names locally

WinHttpConfig WinHttpConfig WinHttpConfig

proxy settings configured for WinHTTP, using the ProxyCfg.exe utility