PipelineReader<T> PipelineReader<T> PipelineReader<T> Class


PipelineReader provides asynchronous access to the stream of objects emitted by a Pipeline.

public abstract class PipelineReader<T>
type PipelineReader<'T> = class
Public MustInherit Class PipelineReader(Of T)
Type Parameters


PipelineReader<T>() PipelineReader<T>() PipelineReader<T>()


Count Count Count

Returns the number of objects currently available in the underlying stream

EndOfPipeline EndOfPipeline EndOfPipeline

Check if the stream is closed and contains no data.

IsOpen IsOpen IsOpen

Check if the stream is open for further writes.

MaxCapacity MaxCapacity MaxCapacity

Get the capacity of the stream

WaitHandle WaitHandle WaitHandle

Signaled when data is available


Close() Close() Close()

Close the stream

NonBlockingRead() NonBlockingRead() NonBlockingRead()

Reads all objects currently in the stream, but does not block.

NonBlockingRead(Int32) NonBlockingRead(Int32) NonBlockingRead(Int32)

Reads objects currently in the stream, but does not block.

Peek() Peek() Peek()

Peek the next object, but do not remove it from the stream. Non-blocking.

Read() Read() Read()

Read a single object from the stream

Read(Int32) Read(Int32) Read(Int32)

Read at most count objects

ReadToEnd() ReadToEnd() ReadToEnd()

Blocks until the pipeline closes and reads all objects.


DataReady DataReady DataReady

Event fired when data is added to the buffer

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