RunspaceConfiguration RunspaceConfiguration RunspaceConfiguration Class


Defines configuration information for runspace.

public abstract class RunspaceConfiguration
type RunspaceConfiguration = class
Public MustInherit Class RunspaceConfiguration


 Developers may want to derive from this class when writing their own 
 host to host monad engine. This will allow host to control the behaviour
 of monad engine through customized runspace configuration.


RunspaceConfiguration() RunspaceConfiguration() RunspaceConfiguration()


Assemblies Assemblies Assemblies

Gets the assemblies defined in runspace configuration.

AuthorizationManager AuthorizationManager AuthorizationManager

Gets the authorization manager to be used for runspace.

Cmdlets Cmdlets Cmdlets

Gets the cmdlets defined in runspace configuration.

Formats Formats Formats

Gets the format data files defined in runspace configuration.

InitializationScripts InitializationScripts InitializationScripts

Gets the initialization scripts defined in runspace configuration.

Providers Providers Providers

Gets the providers defined in runspace configuration.

Scripts Scripts Scripts

Gets the scripts defined in runspace configuration.

ShellId ShellId ShellId

Gets the shell id for current runspace configuration.

Types Types Types

Gets the type data files defined in runspace configuration.


AddPSSnapIn(String, PSSnapInException) AddPSSnapIn(String, PSSnapInException) AddPSSnapIn(String, PSSnapInException)

Add a PSSnapin to runspace configuration.

Create() Create() Create()

Create one single shell runspace configuration object for a msh version.

Create(String) Create(String) Create(String)

Create an instance of RunspaceConfiguration type implemented from an assembly.

Create(String, PSConsoleLoadException) Create(String, PSConsoleLoadException) Create(String, PSConsoleLoadException)

Create one single shell runspace configuration object from console file

RemovePSSnapIn(String, PSSnapInException) RemovePSSnapIn(String, PSSnapInException) RemovePSSnapIn(String, PSSnapInException)

Remove a PSSnapin from runspace configuration.

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