SessionStateProxy SessionStateProxy SessionStateProxy Class


This class provides subset of functionality provided by session state.

public class SessionStateProxy
type SessionStateProxy = class
Public Class SessionStateProxy


Applications Applications Applications

Get the list of applications out of session state.

Drive Drive Drive

Get the APIs to access drives out of session state

InvokeCommand InvokeCommand InvokeCommand

Get the APIs to build script blocks and execute script out of session state.

InvokeProvider InvokeProvider InvokeProvider

Gets the instance of the provider interface APIs out of session state.

LanguageMode LanguageMode LanguageMode

Get/Set the language mode out of session state.

Module Module Module

Get the module info out of session state.

Path Path Path

Get the APIs to access paths and locations out of session state.

Provider Provider Provider

Get the APIs to access a provider out of session state.

PSVariable PSVariable PSVariable

Get the APIs to access variables out of session state.

Scripts Scripts Scripts

Get the list of scripts out of session state.


GetVariable(String) GetVariable(String) GetVariable(String)

Get a variable out of session state.

SetVariable(String, Object) SetVariable(String, Object) SetVariable(String, Object)

Set a variable in session state.

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