SessionStateTypeEntry SessionStateTypeEntry SessionStateTypeEntry Class


Type file configuration entry...

public sealed class SessionStateTypeEntry : System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.InitialSessionStateEntry
type SessionStateTypeEntry = class
    inherit InitialSessionStateEntry
Public NotInheritable Class SessionStateTypeEntry
Inherits InitialSessionStateEntry


SessionStateTypeEntry(String) SessionStateTypeEntry(String) SessionStateTypeEntry(String)

Loads all entries from the types file.

SessionStateTypeEntry(TypeData, Boolean) SessionStateTypeEntry(TypeData, Boolean) SessionStateTypeEntry(TypeData, Boolean)

Loads all entries from the typeData

SessionStateTypeEntry(TypeTable) SessionStateTypeEntry(TypeTable) SessionStateTypeEntry(TypeTable)

Loads all the types specified in the typeTable


FileName FileName FileName

The pathname of the types.ps1xml file. This can be null if TypeTable constructor or TypeData constructor is used.

IsRemove IsRemove IsRemove

The operation will be done on the typedata. This is only meaningful when the TypeData constructor is used.

Module Module Module Inherited from InitialSessionStateEntry
Name Name Name Inherited from InitialSessionStateEntry
PSSnapIn PSSnapIn PSSnapIn Inherited from InitialSessionStateEntry
TypeData TypeData TypeData

The TypeData we want to update with. This can be null if FileName constructor or TypeTable constructor is used.

TypeTable TypeTable TypeTable

The TypeTable specified with constructor. This can be null if FileName constructor or TypeData constructor is used.


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Shallow-clone this object

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