TypeTable TypeTable TypeTable TypeTable Class


A class that keeps the information from types.ps1xml files in a cache table

public ref class TypeTable sealed
public sealed class TypeTable
type TypeTable = class
Public NotInheritable Class TypeTable


TypeTable(IEnumerable<String>) TypeTable(IEnumerable<String>) TypeTable(IEnumerable<String>) TypeTable(IEnumerable<String>)

Constructor that creates a TypeTable from a set of type files.


AddType(TypeData) AddType(TypeData) AddType(TypeData) AddType(TypeData)

Update the TypeTable by adding a TypeData instance.

Clone(Boolean) Clone(Boolean) Clone(Boolean) Clone(Boolean)

Clone the TypeTable by doing a shallow copy of all the members.

GetDefaultTypeFiles() GetDefaultTypeFiles() GetDefaultTypeFiles() GetDefaultTypeFiles()

Gets the default types files available in PowerShell

LoadDefaultTypeFiles() LoadDefaultTypeFiles() LoadDefaultTypeFiles() LoadDefaultTypeFiles()

Load types.ps1xml, typesv3.ps1xml into the typetable

RemoveType(String) RemoveType(String) RemoveType(String) RemoveType(String)

Remove all type information related to the type name.

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