SteppablePipeline SteppablePipeline SteppablePipeline Class


A steppable pipeline wrapper object...

public sealed class SteppablePipeline : IDisposable
type SteppablePipeline = class
    interface IDisposable
Public NotInheritable Class SteppablePipeline
Implements IDisposable


Begin(Boolean) Begin(Boolean) Begin(Boolean)

Begin execution of a steppable pipeline. This overload doesn't reroute output and error pipes.

Begin(InternalCommand) Begin(InternalCommand) Begin(InternalCommand)

Begin execution of a steppable pipeline, using the calling command to figure out how to route the output and errors. This is the most effective way to start stepping.

Begin(Boolean, EngineIntrinsics) Begin(Boolean, EngineIntrinsics) Begin(Boolean, EngineIntrinsics)

Begin execution of a steppable pipeline, using the command running currently in the specified context to figure out how to route the output and errors.

Dispose() Dispose() Dispose()

IDisposable implementation When this object is disposed, the contained pipeline should also be disposed.

End() End() End()

End the execution of this steppable pipeline. This will complete the execution and dispose the results.

Finalize() Finalize() Finalize()

Finalizer for class SteppablePipeline

Process() Process() Process()

Process with no input. This is used in the case where Begin() was called with $false so we won't send any input to be processed.

Process(PSObject) Process(PSObject) Process(PSObject)

Process a single PSObject. This overload exists to deal with the fact that the PowerShell runtime will PSBase an object before passing it to a .NET API call with argument type object.

Process(Object) Process(Object) Process(Object)

Process a single input object.

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