VerbsData VerbsData VerbsData VerbsData Class


Verbs that are commonly used in cmdlet names when the cmdlet manipulates data.

public ref class VerbsData abstract sealed
public static class VerbsData
type VerbsData = class
Public Class VerbsData


These verbs are recommended over their synonyms when used as the verb name

for cmdlets.


Backup Backup Backup Backup


Checkpoint Checkpoint Checkpoint Checkpoint

Establish a well defined state to be able to roll back to

Compare Compare Compare Compare

Compare this resource with another one and produce a set of differences

Compress Compress Compress Compress

Reduce in size

Convert Convert Convert Convert

Change from one encoding to another or from one unit base to another (e.g. feet to meters)

ConvertFrom ConvertFrom ConvertFrom ConvertFrom

Convert from the format named in the noun to a general-purpose format (e.g. string or int).

ConvertTo ConvertTo ConvertTo ConvertTo

Convert from a general-purpose format (e.g. string or int) to the format named in the noun.

Dismount Dismount Dismount Dismount

To dismount - to get off. To detach.

Edit Edit Edit Edit

Performs an in-place modification of a resource.

Expand Expand Expand Expand

Uncompress or increase in size

Export Export Export Export

Make a copy of a set of resources using an interchange format

Group Group Group Group

Arrange or associate one or more resources

Import Import Import Import

Create a set of resources using an interchange format

Initialize Initialize Initialize Initialize

Prepare a resource for use. Assign a beginning value to something

Limit Limit Limit Limit

Limit the consumption of a resource or apply a constraint on a resource

Merge Merge Merge Merge

Take multiple instances and create a single instance

Mount Mount Mount Mount

To mount - to attache a named entity to a hierarchy at the pathname location. To set in position.

Out Out Out Out

Out - direct to a port. Output something to a port.

Publish Publish Publish Publish

Make known and accessible to another

Restore Restore Restore Restore

Rollback state to a predefined snapshot/checkpoint

Save Save Save Save

Store state in a permanent location

Sync Sync Sync Sync

Coerce one or more resources to the same state

Unpublish Unpublish Unpublish Unpublish

Remove from public access and visibility

Update Update Update Update

Update a resource with new elements or refresh from a source of truth

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