VerbsDiagnostic VerbsDiagnostic VerbsDiagnostic Class


Verbs that are commonly used in cmdlet names when the cmdlet is used to diagnose the health of something.

public static class VerbsDiagnostic
type VerbsDiagnostic = class
Public Class VerbsDiagnostic


These verbs are recommended over their synonyms when used as the verb name
for cmdlets.


Debug Debug Debug

Iteratively interact with a resource or activity for the purpose finding a flaw or better understanding of what is occurring.

Measure Measure Measure

calculate/identify resources consumed by a specified operation or retrieve statistics about a resource

Ping Ping Ping

Determine whether a resource is alive and responding to requests

Repair Repair Repair

Detect and correct problems

Resolve Resolve Resolve

Map a shorthand name will be bound to a longname

Test Test Test

Verify the operational validity or consistency of a resource

Trace Trace Trace

Trace activities performed by a specified operation

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