VerbsLifecycle VerbsLifecycle VerbsLifecycle Class


Verbs that are commonly used in cmdlet names when the cmdlet manipulates the lifecycle of something.

public static class VerbsLifecycle
type VerbsLifecycle = class
Public Class VerbsLifecycle


These verbs are recommended over their synonyms when used as the verb name
for cmdlets.


Approve Approve Approve

Agree to the status of a resource or process

Assert Assert Assert

State or affirm the state of an object

Build Build Build

Creates an artifact (usually a binary or document) out of some set of input files (usually source code or declarative documents)

Complete Complete Complete

Finalize an interruptable activity. Makes pending changes permanent.

Confirm Confirm Confirm

Acknowledge, verify, or validate the state of a resource

Deny Deny Deny

Refuse, object, block, or oppose the state of a resource or process

Deploy Deploy Deploy

Sends an application, website, or solution to a remote target[s] in such a way that a consumer of that solution can access it after deployment is complete.

Disable Disable Disable

Stop and/or configure something to be unavailable (e.g unable to not start again)

Enable Enable Enable

Configure to be available (e.g. able to start)

Install Install Install

Settle in an indicated place or condition (optionally initializing for use)

Invoke Invoke Invoke

Calls or launches an activity that cannot be stopped

Register Register Register

Record details about an item in a public store or publishing location

Request Request Request

Ask for a resource or permissions

Restart Restart Restart

Terminate existing activity and begin it again (with the same configuration)

Resume Resume Resume

Begin an activity again after it was suspended

Start Start Start

Begin an activity

Stop Stop Stop

Discontinue or cease an activity

Submit Submit Submit

Present a resource for approval

Suspend Suspend Suspend

Suspend an activity temporarily

Uninstall Uninstall Uninstall

Remove or disassociate

Unregister Unregister Unregister

Remove details of an item from a public store or publishing location

Wait Wait Wait

Suspend execution until an expected event

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