ProgressEventArgs ProgressEventArgs ProgressEventArgs ProgressEventArgs Class


Holds event data for the Progress event.

public ref class ProgressEventArgs : System::Management::ManagementEventArgs
public class ProgressEventArgs : System.Management.ManagementEventArgs
type ProgressEventArgs = class
    inherit ManagementEventArgs
Public Class ProgressEventArgs
Inherits ManagementEventArgs


Context Context Context Context

Gets the operation context echoed back from the operation that triggered the event.

(Inherited from ManagementEventArgs)
Current Current Current Current

Gets the current amount of work done by the operation. This is always less than or equal to UpperBound.

Message Message Message Message

Gets or sets optional additional information regarding the operation's progress.

UpperBound UpperBound UpperBound UpperBound

Gets the total amount of work required to be done by the operation.


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