Message.Acknowledgment Property


Gets the classification of acknowledgment that this message represents.

 property System::Messaging::Acknowledgment Acknowledgment { System::Messaging::Acknowledgment get(); };
public System.Messaging.Acknowledgment Acknowledgment { get; }
member this.Acknowledgment : System.Messaging.Acknowledgment
Public ReadOnly Property Acknowledgment As Acknowledgment

Property Value

One of the Acknowledgment enumeration values.



The message has not been sent. This property can only be read on messages retrieved from a queue.


The message queue is filtered to ignore the Acknowledgment property.


When you receive a message from an administration queue, read the Acknowledgment property to verify the status of the original message.

When a message is sent to its destination queue, Message Queuing can be requested to post an acknowledgment message. Such a message can indicate, for example, whether the message arrived and was retrieved within specified time-outs, or it can indicate what went wrong in the case of delivery failure. The destination queue returns acknowledgment messages and posts them to the administration queue specified in the original message's AdministrationQueue property. The Id property of an acknowledgment message identifies the acknowledgment message, not the original message. You can find the identifier of the original message in the acknowledgment Message instance's CorrelationId property.

If this Message instance represents an acknowledgment message, the Acknowledgment property specifies the type of acknowledgment. Otherwise, the Acknowledgment property contains the value Normal.

Use the AcknowledgeType property of the original message to specify the circumstances under which acknowledgments will be returned.

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