Message.EncryptionAlgorithm Message.EncryptionAlgorithm Message.EncryptionAlgorithm Message.EncryptionAlgorithm Property


Gets or sets the encryption algorithm used to encrypt the body of a private message.

 property System::Messaging::EncryptionAlgorithm EncryptionAlgorithm { System::Messaging::EncryptionAlgorithm get(); void set(System::Messaging::EncryptionAlgorithm value); };
public System.Messaging.EncryptionAlgorithm EncryptionAlgorithm { get; set; }
member this.EncryptionAlgorithm : System.Messaging.EncryptionAlgorithm with get, set
Public Property EncryptionAlgorithm As EncryptionAlgorithm

Property Value



If a message is private (encrypted), it is encrypted before it is sent and decrypted upon receipt. The EncryptionAlgorithm property specifies the algorithm used to encrypt the message body of a private message.

A queue can require that incoming messages be encrypted. If an application sends a non-encrypted (non-private) message to a queue that accepts only private messages, or if it sends a private message to a queue that accepts only non-private messages, the queue rejects the message. The sending application can request that a negative acknowledgment message be returned in such a case.

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