Message.EncryptionAlgorithm Property


Gets or sets the encryption algorithm used to encrypt the body of a private message.

 property System::Messaging::EncryptionAlgorithm EncryptionAlgorithm { System::Messaging::EncryptionAlgorithm get(); void set(System::Messaging::EncryptionAlgorithm value); };
public System.Messaging.EncryptionAlgorithm EncryptionAlgorithm { get; set; }
member this.EncryptionAlgorithm : System.Messaging.EncryptionAlgorithm with get, set
Public Property EncryptionAlgorithm As EncryptionAlgorithm

Property Value


One of the EncryptionAlgorithm enumeration values. The default is RC2.



The message queue is filtered to ignore the EncryptionAlgorithm property.


If a message is private (encrypted), it is encrypted before it is sent and decrypted upon receipt. The EncryptionAlgorithm property specifies the algorithm used to encrypt the message body of a private message.

A queue can require that incoming messages be encrypted. If an application sends a non-encrypted (non-private) message to a queue that accepts only private messages, or if it sends a private message to a queue that accepts only non-private messages, the queue rejects the message. The sending application can request that a negative acknowledgment message be returned in such a case.

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