Message.SenderVersion Property


Gets the version of Message Queuing used to send the message.

 property long SenderVersion { long get(); };
public long SenderVersion { get; }
member this.SenderVersion : int64
Public ReadOnly Property SenderVersion As Long

Property Value


The version of Message Queuing used to send the message.



The message has not been sent. This property can only be read on messages retrieved from a queue.


The message queue is filtered to ignore the SenderVersion property.


The following code example displays the value of a message's SenderVersion property.


The SenderVersion property is important for certain features. For example, transaction processing is supported only by Message Queuing 2.0 and later, and digital signatures are used to authenticate messages sent by MSMQ 1.0.

The sending Queue Manager sets the SenderVersion property when the message is sent.

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