Message.SourceMachine Message.SourceMachine Message.SourceMachine Message.SourceMachine Property


Gets the computer from which the message originated.

 property System::String ^ SourceMachine { System::String ^ get(); };
public string SourceMachine { get; }
member this.SourceMachine : string
Public ReadOnly Property SourceMachine As String

Property Value

The name of the computer from which the message was sent.


The message has not been sent. This property can only be read on messages retrieved from a queue.


The message queue is filtered to ignore the SourceMachine property.

The computer information or directory service could not be accessed.


The following code example displays the value of a message's SourceMachine property.


The format of the SourceMachine property does not include preceding two forward slashes (\\). For example, myServer is a valid SourceMachine.

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