MessageQueueCriteria.ModifiedAfter Property


Gets or sets the lower boundary of the queue modification date and time by which to filter queues on the network.

 property DateTime ModifiedAfter { DateTime get(); void set(DateTime value); };
public DateTime ModifiedAfter { get; set; }
member this.ModifiedAfter : DateTime with get, set
Public Property ModifiedAfter As DateTime

Property Value


A DateTime that specifies the lower boundary for a queue's last modification date and time.


The application did not set the ModifiedAfter property before reading it.


A queue's modification flag is set when you change the properties of a queue, but not when a message is read or written to the queue.

The MessageQueueCriteria properties are combined using a logical AND, so setting both ModifiedAfter and ModifiedBefore bounds a time interval for the queues' last modification. If you set only ModifiedAfter, there is no upper boundary on the date.

If you try to set ModifiedAfter to a later DateTime value than ModifiedBefore, ModifiedBefore is reset to the same (new) value as ModifiedAfter.

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