MessageQueueTransactionStatus MessageQueueTransactionStatus MessageQueueTransactionStatus MessageQueueTransactionStatus Enum


Specifies the state of an internal Message Queuing transaction.

public enum class MessageQueueTransactionStatus
public enum MessageQueueTransactionStatus
type MessageQueueTransactionStatus = 
Public Enum MessageQueueTransactionStatus


Aborted Aborted Aborted Aborted 0

The transaction has been aborted and all participants have been notified.

Committed Committed Committed Committed 1

The transaction has been committed and all participants have been notified.

Initialized Initialized Initialized Initialized 2

The transaction has been initialized. It has not yet been started.

Pending Pending Pending Pending 3

The transaction has been started. It has not yet been either committed or rolled back.


When an instance of the MessageQueueTransaction class has been created, its Status property is set by the constructor to Initialized. After a transaction has begun, but before it is committed or rolled back, the Status is Pending.

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