QueueAccessMode QueueAccessMode QueueAccessMode QueueAccessMode Enum


Specifies the access mode for a MessageQueue at creation time.

public enum class QueueAccessMode
public enum QueueAccessMode
type QueueAccessMode = 
Public Enum QueueAccessMode


Peek Peek Peek Peek 32

The queue can only peek at messages.

PeekAndAdmin PeekAndAdmin PeekAndAdmin PeekAndAdmin 160

The queue can peek at messages. It can also be purged.

Receive Receive Receive Receive 1

The queue can peek at or receive messages.

ReceiveAndAdmin ReceiveAndAdmin ReceiveAndAdmin ReceiveAndAdmin 129

The queue can receive messages. It can also be purged.

Send Send Send Send 2

The queue can only send messages.

SendAndReceive SendAndReceive SendAndReceive SendAndReceive 3

The queue can peek at, receive, or send messages.


When creating a MessageQueue, if no access mode is specified, the access mode defaults to QueueAccessMode.SendAndReceive.

Once the MessageQueue is created, the access mode cannot be changed.

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