Trustee.TrusteeType Property


Gets or sets the type of the trustee, which identifies whether the trustee is a user, group, computer, domain, or alias.

 property System::Messaging::TrusteeType TrusteeType { System::Messaging::TrusteeType get(); void set(System::Messaging::TrusteeType value); };
public System.Messaging.TrusteeType TrusteeType { get; set; }
member this.TrusteeType : System.Messaging.TrusteeType with get, set
Public Property TrusteeType As TrusteeType

Property Value

A TrusteeType that indicates what type of account the trustee has on the system. The default is Unknown.


The trustee type specified is not one of the TrusteeType enumeration members.


The TrusteeType indicates what type of account the trustee is associated with on the domain controller or on the local computer. This can be, for example, a user account, a group account, or a computer account.

If you are specifying a predefined group name for the Name property, such as Everyone, the TrusteeType is Group, rather than Alias.

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