HttpCacheAgeControl Enum


Specifies the meaning of time values that control caching behavior for resources obtained using HttpWebRequest objects.

public enum class HttpCacheAgeControl
public enum HttpCacheAgeControl
type HttpCacheAgeControl = 
Public Enum HttpCacheAgeControl


MaxAge 2

Content can be taken from the cache until it is older than the age specified with this value.

MaxAgeAndMaxStale 6

MaxAge and MaxStale.

MaxAgeAndMinFresh 3

MaxAge and MinFresh.

MaxStale 4

Content can be taken from the cache after it has expired, until the time specified with this value elapses.

MinFresh 1

Content can be taken from the cache if the time remaining before expiration is greater than or equal to the time specified with this value.

None 0

For internal use only. The Framework will throw an ArgumentException if you try to use this member.


The following code example creates a policy based on MaxAgeAndMinFresh.

static HttpRequestCachePolicy^ CreateFreshAndAgePolicy( TimeSpan freshMinimum, TimeSpan ageMaximum )
   HttpRequestCachePolicy^ policy = gcnew HttpRequestCachePolicy( HttpCacheAgeControl::MaxAgeAndMinFresh,
       ageMaximum, freshMinimum );
   Console::WriteLine( policy );
   return policy;
public static HttpRequestCachePolicy CreateFreshAndAgePolicy(TimeSpan freshMinimum, TimeSpan ageMaximum)
    HttpRequestCachePolicy policy =
        new HttpRequestCachePolicy(HttpCacheAgeControl.MaxAgeAndMinFresh, ageMaximum, freshMinimum);
    return policy;


This enumeration is used by members of the HttpRequestCachePolicy class to configure the time values for cache policies.

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