CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials Property


Gets the network credentials of the current security context.

 static property System::Net::NetworkCredential ^ DefaultNetworkCredentials { System::Net::NetworkCredential ^ get(); };
public static System.Net.NetworkCredential DefaultNetworkCredentials { get; }
member this.DefaultNetworkCredentials : System.Net.NetworkCredential
Public Shared ReadOnly Property DefaultNetworkCredentials As NetworkCredential

Property Value


An NetworkCredential that represents the network credentials of the current user or application.


The credentials returned by the DefaultNetworkCredentials property is applicable only for NTLM, negotiate, and Kerberos-based authentication.

The credentials returned by DefaultNetworkCredentials represents the authentication credentials for the current security context in which the application is running. For a client-side application, these are usually the Windows credentials (user name, password, and domain) of the user running the application. For ASP.NET applications, the default network credentials are the user credentials of the logged-in user, or the user being impersonated.

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