WinHttpHandler.CookieUsePolicy Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates how cookies should be managed and used. Developers can choose to ignore cookies, allow the handler to automatically manage them or manually handle them using a CookieContainer object.

 property System::Net::Http::CookieUsePolicy CookieUsePolicy { System::Net::Http::CookieUsePolicy get(); void set(System::Net::Http::CookieUsePolicy value); };
public System.Net.Http.CookieUsePolicy CookieUsePolicy { get; set; }
member this.CookieUsePolicy : System.Net.Http.CookieUsePolicy with get, set
Public Property CookieUsePolicy As CookieUsePolicy

Property Value



The default for this property is CookieUsePolicy.UseInternalCookieStoreOnly. If this value is set to CookieUsePolicy.UseSpecifiedCookieContainer, then a container object must be initialized and assigned to the CookieContainer property. Otherwise, an exception will be thrown when trying to send a request.

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