HttpListenerTimeoutManager HttpListenerTimeoutManager HttpListenerTimeoutManager HttpListenerTimeoutManager Class


The timeout manager to use for an HttpListener object.

public ref class HttpListenerTimeoutManager
public class HttpListenerTimeoutManager
type HttpListenerTimeoutManager = class
Public Class HttpListenerTimeoutManager


The timeout manager defines the connection timeout limits for a HttpListener instance.


HttpListenerTimeoutManager() HttpListenerTimeoutManager() HttpListenerTimeoutManager() HttpListenerTimeoutManager()


DrainEntityBody DrainEntityBody DrainEntityBody DrainEntityBody

Gets or sets the time allowed for the HttpListener to drain the entity body on a Keep-Alive connection.

EntityBody EntityBody EntityBody EntityBody

Gets or sets the time allowed for the request entity body to arrive.

HeaderWait HeaderWait HeaderWait HeaderWait

Gets or sets the time allowed for the HttpListener to parse the request header.

IdleConnection IdleConnection IdleConnection IdleConnection

Gets or sets the time allowed for an idle connection.

MinSendBytesPerSecond MinSendBytesPerSecond MinSendBytesPerSecond MinSendBytesPerSecond

Gets or sets the minimum send rate, in bytes-per-second, for the response.

RequestQueue RequestQueue RequestQueue RequestQueue

Gets or sets the time allowed for the request to remain in the request queue before the HttpListener picks it up.


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