PeerCollaboration.SetObject(PeerObject) PeerCollaboration.SetObject(PeerObject) PeerCollaboration.SetObject(PeerObject) Method


Registers a PeerObject associated with the calling peer.

 static void SetObject(System::Net::PeerToPeer::Collaboration::PeerObject ^ peerObject);
public static void SetObject (System.Net.PeerToPeer.Collaboration.PeerObject peerObject);
static member SetObject : System.Net.PeerToPeer.Collaboration.PeerObject -> unit


PeerObject PeerObject PeerObject

The PeerObject to register.



This method allows the object to be queried by remote peers participating in the scope in which the object was registered. If the object was previously registered, this method updates its registration. If a registered object falls out of scope, it can be retrieved via the GetLocalSetObjects method.

The size of the data portion of the PeerObject must be less than or equal to 16,384 bytes.

Access to this method requires a PermissionState of Unrestricted. This state is created when the Peer collaboration session begins.

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