PeerName.Authority Property


Returns a string that specifies the Authority used by this PeerName object.

 property System::String ^ Authority { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Authority { get; }
member this.Authority : string
Public ReadOnly Property Authority As String

Property Value


The string which contains the authentication portion of the specified PeerName. For secured peer names, this property contains the public key as a forty-character hexadecimal string. For unsecured peer names, this property is set to zero (0).


Only the owner, or peer host, can register a secured peer name. A peer name is considered secured if it is backed by a self-signed certificate.

Peer names are case-sensitive and the format of a peer name is: Authority.Classifier. For example, "0.MyPeerName" is a well-formed peer name.

Notes to Callers

Using a secured peer name does not ensure the overall security of the networking application. Security of the application is implementation-dependent.

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