ServicePointManager.EncryptionPolicy Property


Gets the EncryptionPolicy for this ServicePointManager instance.

 static property System::Net::Security::EncryptionPolicy EncryptionPolicy { System::Net::Security::EncryptionPolicy get(); };
public static System.Net.Security.EncryptionPolicy EncryptionPolicy { get; }
member this.EncryptionPolicy : System.Net.Security.EncryptionPolicy
Public Shared ReadOnly Property EncryptionPolicy As EncryptionPolicy

Property Value


The encryption policy to use for this ServicePointManager instance.


If a value is not specified in the configuration file, the EncryptionPolicy property defaults to EncryptionPolicy.RequireEncryption. This is applied to an SSL/TLS session on this ServicePointManager instance.

The use of the Null cipher is required when the encryption policy is set to EncryptionPolicy.NoEncryption.

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