UploadProgressChangedEventArgs UploadProgressChangedEventArgs UploadProgressChangedEventArgs UploadProgressChangedEventArgs Class


Provides data for the UploadProgressChanged event of a WebClient.

public ref class UploadProgressChangedEventArgs : System::ComponentModel::ProgressChangedEventArgs
public class UploadProgressChangedEventArgs : System.ComponentModel.ProgressChangedEventArgs
type UploadProgressChangedEventArgs = class
    inherit ProgressChangedEventArgs
Public Class UploadProgressChangedEventArgs
Inherits ProgressChangedEventArgs


Instances of this class are passed to the UploadProgressChangedEventHandler.


BytesReceived BytesReceived BytesReceived BytesReceived

Gets the number of bytes received.

BytesSent BytesSent BytesSent BytesSent

Gets the number of bytes sent.

ProgressPercentage ProgressPercentage ProgressPercentage ProgressPercentage

Gets the asynchronous task progress percentage.

(Inherited from ProgressChangedEventArgs)
TotalBytesToReceive TotalBytesToReceive TotalBytesToReceive TotalBytesToReceive

Gets the total number of bytes in a WebClient data upload operation.

TotalBytesToSend TotalBytesToSend TotalBytesToSend TotalBytesToSend

Gets the total number of bytes to send.

UserState UserState UserState UserState

Gets a unique user state.

(Inherited from ProgressChangedEventArgs)


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