WebRequest.CreateDefault(Uri) WebRequest.CreateDefault(Uri) WebRequest.CreateDefault(Uri) WebRequest.CreateDefault(Uri) Method


Initializes a new WebRequest instance for the specified URI scheme.

 static System::Net::WebRequest ^ CreateDefault(Uri ^ requestUri);
public static System.Net.WebRequest CreateDefault (Uri requestUri);
static member CreateDefault : Uri -> System.Net.WebRequest
Public Shared Function CreateDefault (requestUri As Uri) As WebRequest


Uri Uri Uri Uri

A Uri containing the URI of the requested resource.


A WebRequest descendant for the specified URI scheme.


The request scheme specified in requestUri is not registered.

The caller does not have WebPermissionAttribute permission to connect to the requested URI or a URI that the request is redirected to.


The CreateDefault method returns a WebRequest descendant instance based on only the scheme portion of a URI.

For example, when a URI beginning with http:// is passed in requestUri, an HttpWebRequest is returned by CreateDefault. If a URI beginning with file:// is passed instead, the CreateDefault method will return a FileWebRequest.


This member outputs trace information when you enable network tracing in your application. For more information, see Network Tracing in .NET.

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