WebSocketError WebSocketError WebSocketError WebSocketError Enum


Contains the list of possible WebSocket errors.

public enum class WebSocketError
public enum WebSocketError
type WebSocketError = 
Public Enum WebSocketError


ConnectionClosedPrematurely ConnectionClosedPrematurely ConnectionClosedPrematurely ConnectionClosedPrematurely 8

Indicates that the connection was terminated unexpectedly.

Faulted Faulted Faulted Faulted 2

Indicates a general error.

HeaderError HeaderError HeaderError HeaderError 7

Indicates an error occurred when parsing the HTTP headers during the opening handshake.

InvalidMessageType InvalidMessageType InvalidMessageType InvalidMessageType 1

Indicates that a WebSocket frame with an unknown opcode was received.

InvalidState InvalidState InvalidState InvalidState 9

Indicates the WebSocket is an invalid state for the given operation (such as being closed or aborted).

NativeError NativeError NativeError NativeError 3

Indicates that an unknown native error occurred.

NotAWebSocket NotAWebSocket NotAWebSocket NotAWebSocket 4

Indicates that the incoming request was not a valid websocket request.

Success Success Success Success 0

Indicates that there was no native error information for the exception.

UnsupportedProtocol UnsupportedProtocol UnsupportedProtocol UnsupportedProtocol 6

Indicates that the client requested an unsupported WebSocket subprotocol.

UnsupportedVersion UnsupportedVersion UnsupportedVersion UnsupportedVersion 5

Indicates that the client requested an unsupported version of the WebSocket protocol.

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