BigInteger.UnaryNegation(BigInteger) BigInteger.UnaryNegation(BigInteger) BigInteger.UnaryNegation(BigInteger) BigInteger.UnaryNegation(BigInteger) Operator


Negates a specified BigInteger value.

 static System::Numerics::BigInteger operator -(System::Numerics::BigInteger value);
public static System.Numerics.BigInteger operator - (System.Numerics.BigInteger value);
static member ( ~- ) : System.Numerics.BigInteger -> System.Numerics.BigInteger
Public Shared Operator - (value As BigInteger) As BigInteger


BigInteger BigInteger BigInteger BigInteger

The value to negate.


The result of the value parameter multiplied by negative one (-1).


The following example illustrates three different ways to negate the value of a BigInteger object.

BigInteger number = 12645002;

Console.WriteLine(BigInteger.Negate(number));        // Displays -12645002
Console.WriteLine(-number);                          // Displays -12645002
Console.WriteLine(number * BigInteger.MinusOne);     // Displays -12645002
Dim number As BigInteger = 12645002

Console.WriteLine(BigInteger.Negate(number))          ' Displays -12645002
Console.WriteLine(-number)                            ' Displays -12645002
Console.WriteLine(number * BigInteger.MinusOne)       ' Displays -12645002


The UnaryNegation method defines the operation of the unary negation operator (or the additive inverse operator) for BigInteger values. The operation produces a value that results in 0 (zero) when it is added to the original number. Languages that do not support custom operators can call the Negate method instead.

The equivalent method for this operator is BigInteger.Negate(BigInteger)

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