PageBorderless Enum


Specifies whether a print device prints to the edge of the media or provides an unprinted margin around the edge.

public enum class PageBorderless
public enum PageBorderless
type PageBorderless = 
Public Enum PageBorderless


Borderless 1

Borderless printing, that is, the device prints to the edge of the print media.

None 2

Printing with a border, that is, the device provides an unprinted margin around the edge of the print media.

Unknown 0

The feature (whose options are represented by this enumeration) is set to an option not defined.


Most laser and inkjet printers do not support borderless printing. They require an unprinted margin to prevent toner from getting on the parts of the printer that move the paper. Many photographic printers, however, do support borderless printing.

Use the values of this type primarily for these purposes:

The Unknown value is never used in properties of PrintCapabilities objects.

You should never set a PrintTicket property to Unknown. If some other PrintTicket producing application has created a PrintTicket document that sets the page borderless feature to an unrecognized option, then a PrintTicket object in your application that is constructed with that document will have Unknown as the value of the PageBorderless property.

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