PrintCapabilities.OrientedPageMediaHeight Property


Gets a value indicating the height of the imageable area on a page, where height means the vertical dimension relative to the page's orientation.

 property Nullable<double> OrientedPageMediaHeight { Nullable<double> get(); };
public double? OrientedPageMediaHeight { get; }
member this.OrientedPageMediaHeight : Nullable<double>
Public ReadOnly Property OrientedPageMediaHeight As Nullable(Of Double)

Property Value


A nullable Double value indicating the height, in pixels, which are 1/96 inch increments, of the area on a page that the printer is capable of printing.


Most printers must leave an unprinted area along the edges of a page to prevent toner from getting on the parts of the printer that move the sheets.

This property corresponds to the ImageableSizeHeight property of the Print Schema's PageImageableSize keyword.

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