PrintTicket.SaveTo(Stream) PrintTicket.SaveTo(Stream) PrintTicket.SaveTo(Stream) PrintTicket.SaveTo(Stream) Method


Saves the PrintTicket settings to a Stream object by using an XML format that conforms to the Print Schema.

 void SaveTo(System::IO::Stream ^ outStream);
public void SaveTo (System.IO.Stream outStream);
member this.SaveTo : System.IO.Stream -> unit
Public Sub SaveTo (outStream As Stream)


Stream Stream Stream Stream

The Stream that holds the saved PrintTicket.


This method does not reset the read-write position of the stream back to its original position. You should reset it immediately after calling this method.

If any properties of the PrintTicket are null, they will simply not be included in the XML markup.

If the PrintTicket object was constructed with a PrintTicket document that contains markup elements not represented by any of the PrintTicket class's public properties, those elements will be included in the PrintTicket document saved by this method.

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