AssemblyKeyFileAttribute(String) Constructor


Initializes a new instance of the AssemblyKeyFileAttribute class with the name of the file containing the key pair to generate a strong name for the assembly being attributed.

 AssemblyKeyFileAttribute(System::String ^ keyFile);
public AssemblyKeyFileAttribute (string keyFile);
new System.Reflection.AssemblyKeyFileAttribute : string -> System.Reflection.AssemblyKeyFileAttribute
Public Sub New (keyFile As String)



The name of the file containing the key pair.


There is no default path for the AssemblyKeyFileAttribute constructor. The value set by the constructor is interpreted by the linker, or by Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, that invokes the linker.

The default setting for the Al.exe (Assembly Linker) tool assumes that the key file is in the current directory. In Visual Studio 2005, the Visual Basic and Visual C# compilers build and link to subdirectories of the project directory, so if you put the key file in the project directory the relative path might be "..\..\keyfile.snk" or "..\keyfile.snk" in Visual Basic, or "..\\..\\keyfile.snk" or "..\\keyfile.snk" in C#. For C#, this attribute can be set in the project properties.


Because the path and file name persist, ensure that the string you use with AssemblyKeyFileAttribute does not contain sensitive information.

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