PropertyBuilder.GetSetMethod(Boolean) Method


Returns the set accessor for this property.

 override System::Reflection::MethodInfo ^ GetSetMethod(bool nonPublic);
public override System.Reflection.MethodInfo GetSetMethod (bool nonPublic);
override this.GetSetMethod : bool -> System.Reflection.MethodInfo
Public Overrides Function GetSetMethod (nonPublic As Boolean) As MethodInfo



Indicates whether the accessor should be returned if it is non-public. true if non-public methods are to be included; otherwise, false.


The property's Set method, or null, as shown in the following table.

Value Condition
A MethodInfo object representing the Set method for this property. The set accessor is public. nonPublic is true and non-public methods can be returned.
null nonPublic is true, but the property is read-only. nonPublic is false and the set accessor is non-public.


To get the setter of a property, reflect on the property's parent type using Type.GetType or Assembly.GetType, retrieve the Reflection property object from the type, and call PropertyInfo.GetSetMethod.

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