ExceptionRegion ExceptionRegion ExceptionRegion ExceptionRegion Struct


public value class ExceptionRegion
public struct ExceptionRegion
type ExceptionRegion = struct
Public Structure ExceptionRegion


CatchType CatchType CatchType CatchType

Gets a TypeRef, TypeDef, or TypeSpec handle if the region represents a catch, or a nil token otherwise (default(EntityHandle)).

FilterOffset FilterOffset FilterOffset FilterOffset

Gets the IL offset of the start of the filter block, or -1 if the region is not a filter.

HandlerLength HandlerLength HandlerLength HandlerLength

Gets the length in bytes of the exception handler.

HandlerOffset HandlerOffset HandlerOffset HandlerOffset

Gets the starting IL offset of the exception handler.

Kind Kind Kind Kind
TryLength TryLength TryLength TryLength

Gets the length in bytes of the try block.

TryOffset TryOffset TryOffset TryOffset

Gets the starting IL offset of the try block.

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