MetadataStreamOptions MetadataStreamOptions MetadataStreamOptions MetadataStreamOptions Enum


public enum class MetadataStreamOptions
public enum MetadataStreamOptions
type MetadataStreamOptions = 
Public Enum MetadataStreamOptions


Default Default Default Default 0

By default, the stream is disposed when MetadataReaderProvider is disposed and sections of the PE image are read lazily.

LeaveOpen LeaveOpen LeaveOpen LeaveOpen 1

Keeps the stream open when the MetadataReaderProvider is disposed.

PrefetchMetadata PrefetchMetadata PrefetchMetadata PrefetchMetadata 2

Reads PDB metadata into memory right away.

The underlying file may be closed and even deleted after the MetadataReaderProvider is constructed. MetadataReaderProvider closes the stream automatically by the time the constructor returns unless LeaveOpen is specified.

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