MetadataStringComparer Struct


Provides string comparison helpers to query strings in metadata while avoiding allocation if possible.

public value class MetadataStringComparer
public struct MetadataStringComparer
type MetadataStringComparer = struct
Public Structure MetadataStringComparer


No allocation is performed unless both the handle argument and the value argument contain non-ASCII text.

Obtain instances using StringComparer. A default-initialized instance is useless and behaves as a null reference.

The code is optimized so that there is no additional overhead in re-obtaining a comparer over assigning it to a local. That is to say that a construct like:

if (reader.StringComparer.Equals(typeDef.Namespace, "System") && reader.StringComparer.Equals(typeDef.Name, "Object")
    /* found System.Object */

is no less efficient than:

var comparer = reader.StringComparer;
if (comparer.Equals(typeDef.Namespace, "System") && comparer.Equals(typeDef.Name, "Object") 
    /* found System.Object */

The choice between them is therefore one of style and not performance.


Equals(DocumentNameBlobHandle, String)
Equals(DocumentNameBlobHandle, String, Boolean)
Equals(NamespaceDefinitionHandle, String)
Equals(NamespaceDefinitionHandle, String, Boolean)
Equals(StringHandle, String)
Equals(StringHandle, String, Boolean)
StartsWith(StringHandle, String)
StartsWith(StringHandle, String, Boolean)

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