SignatureCallingConvention SignatureCallingConvention SignatureCallingConvention SignatureCallingConvention Enum


Specifies how arguments in a given signature are passed from the caller to the callee. The underlying values of the fields in this type correspond to the representation in the leading signature byte represented by a SignatureHeader structure.

public enum class SignatureCallingConvention
public enum SignatureCallingConvention
type SignatureCallingConvention = 
Public Enum SignatureCallingConvention


CDecl CDecl CDecl CDecl 1

An unmanaged C/C++ style calling convention where the call stack is cleaned by the caller.

Default Default Default Default 0

A managed calling convention with a fixed-length argument list.

FastCall FastCall FastCall FastCall 4

An unmanaged calling convention where arguments are passed in registers when possible.

StdCall StdCall StdCall StdCall 2

An unmanaged calling convention where the call stack is cleaned up by the callee.

ThisCall ThisCall ThisCall ThisCall 3

An unmanaged C++ style calling convention for calling instance member functions with a fixed argument list.

VarArgs VarArgs VarArgs VarArgs 5

A managed calling convention for passing extra arguments.

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