SignatureTypeCode SignatureTypeCode SignatureTypeCode SignatureTypeCode Enum


Specifies constants that define type codes used in signature encoding.

public enum class SignatureTypeCode
public enum SignatureTypeCode
type SignatureTypeCode = 
Public Enum SignatureTypeCode


Array Array Array Array 20

Represents a generalized Array in signatures.

Boolean Boolean Boolean Boolean 2

Represents a Boolean in signatures.

ByReference ByReference ByReference ByReference 16

Represents managed pointers (byref return values and parameters) in signatures. It is followed in the blob by the signature encoding of the underlying type.

Byte Byte Byte Byte 5

Represents a Byte in signatures.

Char Char Char Char 3

Represents a Char in signatures.

Double Double Double Double 13

Represents a Double in signatures.

FunctionPointer FunctionPointer FunctionPointer FunctionPointer 27

Represents function pointer types in signatures.

GenericMethodParameter GenericMethodParameter GenericMethodParameter GenericMethodParameter 30

Represents a generic method parameter used within a signature.

GenericTypeInstance GenericTypeInstance GenericTypeInstance GenericTypeInstance 21

Represents the instantiation of a generic type in signatures.

GenericTypeParameter GenericTypeParameter GenericTypeParameter GenericTypeParameter 19

Represents a generic type parameter used within a signature.

Int16 Int16 Int16 Int16 6

Represents an Int16 in signatures.

Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32 8

Represents an Int32 in signatures.

Int64 Int64 Int64 Int64 10

Represents an Int64 in signatures.

IntPtr IntPtr IntPtr IntPtr 24

Represents an IntPtr in signatures.

Invalid Invalid Invalid Invalid 0

Represents an invalid or uninitialized type code. It will not appear in valid signatures.

Object Object Object Object 28

Represents an Object in signatures.

OptionalModifier OptionalModifier OptionalModifier OptionalModifier 32

Represents a custom modifier applied to a type within a signature that the caller can ignore.

Pinned Pinned Pinned Pinned 69

Represents a local variable that is pinned by garbage collector.

Pointer Pointer Pointer Pointer 15

Represents an unmanaged pointer in signatures. It is followed in the blob by the signature encoding of the underlying type.

RequiredModifier RequiredModifier RequiredModifier RequiredModifier 31

Represents a custom modifier applied to a type within a signature that the caller must understand.

SByte SByte SByte SByte 4

Represents an SByte in signatures.

Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel 65

Represents a marker to indicate the end of fixed arguments and the beginning of variable arguments.

Single Single Single Single 12

Represents a Single in signatures.

String String String String 14

Represents a String in signatures.

SZArray SZArray SZArray SZArray 29

Represents a single dimensional Array with a lower bound of 0.

TypedReference TypedReference TypedReference TypedReference 22

Represents a typed reference in signatures.

TypeHandle TypeHandle TypeHandle TypeHandle 64

Precedes a type EntityHandle in signatures. In raw metadata, this is encoded as either ELEMENT_TYPE_CLASS (0x12) for reference types or ELEMENT_TYPE_VALUETYPE (0x11) for value types. This is collapsed to a single code because Windows Runtime projections can project from class to value type or vice-versa, and the raw code is misleading in those cases.

UInt16 UInt16 UInt16 UInt16 7

Represents a UInt16 in signatures.

UInt32 UInt32 UInt32 UInt32 9

Represents a UInt32 in signatures.

UInt64 UInt64 UInt64 UInt64 11

Represents a UInt64 in signatures.

UIntPtr UIntPtr UIntPtr UIntPtr 25

Represents a UIntPtr in signatures.

Void Void Void Void 1

Represents Void in signatures.

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