DllCharacteristics DllCharacteristics DllCharacteristics DllCharacteristics Enum


Describes the characteristics of a dynamic link library.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class DllCharacteristics
public enum DllCharacteristics
type DllCharacteristics = 
Public Enum DllCharacteristics


AppContainer AppContainer AppContainer AppContainer 4096

The image must run inside an AppContainer.

DynamicBase DynamicBase DynamicBase DynamicBase 64

The DLL can be relocated.

HighEntropyVirtualAddressSpace HighEntropyVirtualAddressSpace HighEntropyVirtualAddressSpace HighEntropyVirtualAddressSpace 32

The image can handle a high entropy 64-bit virtual address space.

NoBind NoBind NoBind NoBind 2048

Do not bind this image.

NoIsolation NoIsolation NoIsolation NoIsolation 512

The image understands isolation and doesn't want it.

NoSeh NoSeh NoSeh NoSeh 1024

The image does not use SEH. No SE handler may reside in this image.

NxCompatible NxCompatible NxCompatible NxCompatible 256

The image is NX compatible.

ProcessInit ProcessInit ProcessInit ProcessInit 1


ProcessTerm ProcessTerm ProcessTerm ProcessTerm 2


TerminalServerAware TerminalServerAware TerminalServerAware TerminalServerAware 32768

The image is Terminal Server aware.

ThreadInit ThreadInit ThreadInit ThreadInit 4


ThreadTerm ThreadTerm ThreadTerm ThreadTerm 8


WdmDriver WdmDriver WdmDriver WdmDriver 8192

The driver uses the WDM model.

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