CacheEntryRemovedReason CacheEntryRemovedReason CacheEntryRemovedReason CacheEntryRemovedReason Enum


Specifies the reason why a cache entry was removed or an entry is about to be removed.

public enum class CacheEntryRemovedReason
public enum CacheEntryRemovedReason
type CacheEntryRemovedReason = 
Public Enum CacheEntryRemovedReason


CacheSpecificEviction CacheSpecificEviction CacheSpecificEviction CacheSpecificEviction 4

A cache entry was evicted for as reason that is defined by a particular cache implementation.

ChangeMonitorChanged ChangeMonitorChanged ChangeMonitorChanged ChangeMonitorChanged 3

A cache entry was removed because a related dependency (such as a file or another cache entry) triggered eviction of the cache entry.

Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted 2

A cache entry was removed to free memory in the cache. This occurs when a cache instance approaches cache-specific memory limits, or when a process or cache instance approaches computer-wide memory limits.

Expired Expired Expired Expired 1

A cache entry was removed because it expired. Expiration can be based on an absolute time or on a sliding expiration time.

Removed Removed Removed Removed 0

A cache entry was removed by using the Remove(String, String) or Set(String, Object, DateTimeOffset, String) method.


The CacheEntryRemovedReason enumeration is used to provide a predefined set of reasons why a cache entry was removed or is about to be removed. The CacheEntryRemovedArguments class takes a CacheEntryRemovedReason value as one of the parameter to pass to a callback method.

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