OnChangedCallback Delegate


Defines a reference to a method that handles changes to monitored items.

public delegate void OnChangedCallback(System::Object ^ state);
public delegate void OnChangedCallback(object state);
type OnChangedCallback = delegate of obj -> unit
Public Delegate Sub OnChangedCallback(state As Object)



The state of the dependent object that was changed.



The OnChangedCallback delegate is used by a change monitor to signal to a cache implementation that a change has occurred in an object whose contents are cached. The task of any implementation of the ChangeMonitor type is to monitor for changes in objects that are cached. For example, if the contents of a file are contained in a cache entry, and if the file is updated, its related cache entry must be changed also. In a typical cache implementation, a derived ChangeMonitor instance uses a OnChangedCallback delegate to notify the cache about a change.

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Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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