InstanceStoreQueryResult InstanceStoreQueryResult InstanceStoreQueryResult InstanceStoreQueryResult Class


Supports an extensible mechanism to provide data from an instance store. This includes data for instances, instance owners, and instance keys other than those bound to the instance handle being used. For example, a persistence provider may provide the owner metadata for all the instance owners in the store by passing an instance of a class derived from InstanceStoreQueryResult to the QueriedInstanceStore(InstanceStoreQueryResult) method.

public ref class InstanceStoreQueryResult abstract
public abstract class InstanceStoreQueryResult
type InstanceStoreQueryResult = class
Public MustInherit Class InstanceStoreQueryResult


InstanceStoreQueryResult() InstanceStoreQueryResult() InstanceStoreQueryResult() InstanceStoreQueryResult()

Initializes an instance of the InstanceStoreQueryResult class.


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