Contains attributes of a UCOMITypeInfo.

public value class TYPEATTR
public struct TYPEATTR
type TYPEATTR = struct
Public Structure TYPEATTR


For additional information about TYPEATTR, see the MSDN Library.

The common language runtime throws an exception when a COM method in native code returns an HRESULT. For more information, see How to: Map HRESULTs and Exceptions.


cbAlignment cbAlignment cbAlignment cbAlignment

Specifies the byte alignment for an instance of this type.

cbSizeInstance cbSizeInstance cbSizeInstance cbSizeInstance

The size of an instance of this type.

cbSizeVft cbSizeVft cbSizeVft cbSizeVft

The size of this type's virtual method table (VTBL).

cFuncs cFuncs cFuncs cFuncs

Indicates the number of functions on the interface this structure describes.

cImplTypes cImplTypes cImplTypes cImplTypes

Indicates the number of implemented interfaces on the interface this structure describes.

cVars cVars cVars cVars

Indicates the number of variables and data fields on the interface described by this structure.

dwReserved dwReserved dwReserved dwReserved

Reserved for future use.

guid guid guid guid

The GUID of the type information.

idldescType idldescType idldescType idldescType

IDL attributes of the described type.

lcid lcid lcid lcid

Locale of member names and documentation strings.

lpstrSchema lpstrSchema lpstrSchema lpstrSchema

Reserved for future use.


A constant used with the memidConstructor and memidDestructor fields.

memidConstructor memidConstructor memidConstructor memidConstructor

ID of constructor, or MEMBER_ID_NIL if none.

memidDestructor memidDestructor memidDestructor memidDestructor

ID of destructor, or MEMBER_ID_NIL if none.

tdescAlias tdescAlias tdescAlias tdescAlias

If typekind == TKIND_ALIAS, specifies the type for which this type is an alias.

typekind typekind typekind typekind

A TYPEKIND value describing the type this information describes.

wMajorVerNum wMajorVerNum wMajorVerNum wMajorVerNum

Major version number.

wMinorVerNum wMinorVerNum wMinorVerNum wMinorVerNum

Minor version number.

wTypeFlags wTypeFlags wTypeFlags wTypeFlags

A TYPEFLAGS value describing this information.

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