ICustomQueryInterface Interface



This API is now obsolete.

Enables developers to provide a custom, managed implementation of the IUnknown::QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void **ppvObject) method.

public interface class ICustomQueryInterface
[System.Obsolete("ICustomQueryInterface may be unavailable in future releases.")]
public interface ICustomQueryInterface
public interface ICustomQueryInterface
public interface ICustomQueryInterface
type ICustomQueryInterface = interface
Public Interface ICustomQueryInterface


This class permits advanced users to provide a customized managed implementation of the QueryInterface method.

Managed and native applications can use the customized implementation to return a specific interface for a specified interface ID, except for IID_IUnknown. That is, when QueryInterface is called, it will ignore custom implementations if its riid parameter is set to IID_IUnknown. However, you may still return IUnknown as the ppvObject.

Developers can provide custom implementations for all interfaces (except for IUnknown) if they define and implement a valid corresponding interface.

A valid user-defined interface has a v-table layout that matches the unmanaged COM interface exactly, and its InterfaceTypeAttribute is InterfaceIsIUnknown.


GetInterface(Guid, IntPtr)

Returns an interface according to a specified interface ID.

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