MarshalAsAttribute.MarshalType Field


Specifies the fully qualified name of a custom marshaler.

public: System::String ^ MarshalType;
public string MarshalType;
public string? MarshalType;
public string MarshalType;
val mutable MarshalType : string
val mutable MarshalType : string
Public MarshalType As String 

Field Value



You can use either the MarshalType or MarshalAsAttribute.MarshalTypeRef field specify a custom marshaler type for the attributed parameter, field, or return type. The MarshalType field enables you to specify a string representing the fully qualified name of a custom marshaler. It is useful for late-bound references, but is less preferred than MarshalTypeRef for specifying a custom marshaler. For additional information about creating and using custom marshalers, see Custom Marshaling.

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